Monday, April 30, 2012

The Timeless Trench

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunshine after a cold and wet week. I was at first fooled by the abundance of sunshine, tricked into thinking that wearing thin layers would suffice (that's me being overly optimistic, still thinking we are at the end of summer =P), however the temperature dropped quite a bit. I was greeted by a powerful burst of "fresh" air as I stepped out, and this quickly accelerated my acceptance of the fact that the shoulder-bearing days of summer are numbered, if not already over. Despite these facts, this weather is actually fantastic to bring out trans-seasonal wardrobe pieces such as this red hot trench coat. I think a great trench can do so much for you during the in-between seasons, both functionally and aesthetically. A touch of class and style combined with practicality (the perfect layering piece to shield you from the elements) definitely deserves some space in your wardrobe.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sky Blue Playful Playsuit

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Hope you all had a great ANZAC day and are now ready to power through the rest of the week. I have always loved a good pair of shorts for many reasons, so when the playsuits resurged into mainstream fashion a number of years ago, I did not hesitate to purchase a pair. I think they are just so much fun to wear, super versatile for either formal or informal events, and they introduce a different dimension of chic and sophistication by giving you a continuous and streamlined profile.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sheath Dress with Charming Rose Accents

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! For us Aussies, who will be celebrating ANZAC day this coming Wednesday, I hope you will enjoy the mid-week mini break and please also remember the importance of this day to our nation. If you are waking up extra early to participate in the Dawn service at the Shrine (in Melbourne), good on ya! I will be baking some home-made anzac cookies as I pay my tribute to those who served and died for our nation. On a more uplifting note, although it is now well into Autumn, the recent weekends have been extremely mild and filled with sunshine. I took full advantage of the great weather and showed some shoulder in this rose patterned sheath dress.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neon Lime Green

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday! A while ago, my mum gave me this neon lime green sweater and said to me, "Neon is on trend isn't it?" She was surprisingly very right in saying so, but the poor sat in my cupboard neglected for months till today when I have finally worked up the courage to give it a go. Evidently, I was a little weary of neon colours, particularly neon lime green. I find that neon is a little more difficult to pull off without looking and feeling like you are just a ginormous walking highlighter for the day. So, well done to all the ladies (and guys) out there who are rocking neon colours, looking and feeling fabulous!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bold & Beautiful Cobalt Blue

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I can't believe how wonderful the weather was, and just when I thought winter was really coming as well. I love a good surprise! Many of you may know by now that I am a huge supporter of vibrant colours. I absolutely adore colours with some "personality" that can light up the room or just put a smile on people's face when they look at them. I think it's important to understand the power of colours, and their ability to lift people's spirits!  So today, I want to talk about Mr. Cobalt Blue. I think he is just powerful, sophisticated and vibrant, and the great thing is, he will be perfect for the up coming cold weather.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Connect the Dots

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! For the first time this week, it has become more of a reality to me that winter is coming, whether we are ready...or not. The days are getting shorter, darker and the winds are blowing just that little bit harder. With every wind blow, you could almost feel "winter" slowly waking up and announcing his arrival to the world. I think in times like these, we must still find ways to cheer ourselves up, despite the "cold truth". So today, I decided to bring out one of my all time favourite cheeky and playful fashion friends - the polka dots.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chic Cropped Leather Jacket

Hi everyone! Happy Easter Monday! Hope you are all having a fabulous Easter, filled with chocolates, hot cross buns, plenty of good food, company and laughs. Over Easter, I invited my beautiful friend Sarah to guest star in this post. She graciously accepted my invite and brought over her leather jacket to share on the blog. For the longest time, I have been searching for that perfect leather jacket. To this day, sadly...the quest is still not over. In the mean time, I am delighted have Sarah's help and show you what wonders a beautiful leather jacket can do for you in the wardrobe department.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Moon Shower Pearls with Casual Gingham

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday and Easter! Hope you have something nice planned for the upcoming Easter break. I love Easter! It's the one time of the year where you can stuff yourself with hot cross buns, chocolates, and the best part's perfectly ok =) In preparation for a relaxing Easter weekend, I kicked it off with a casual gingham shirt. To add some interest, I paired it with a dynamic necklace. I absolutely adore this necklace, It has a beautiful design and works amazingly well with casual wear.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mixing High-Low with Zig Zag

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed that extra hour from the end of day light saving. Mean while, I am trying to maximise and enjoy the very last bit of summer through this high-low skirt. I have been hunting down a green skirt for a while and when I discovered this little high-low skirt, I was over-joyed. Beautiful deep green, tick; visually balanced, tick; high-low hem, even better; comes in pleats, well...that's just a bonus.

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