Monday, April 2, 2012

Mixing High-Low with Zig Zag

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed that extra hour from the end of day light saving. Mean while, I am trying to maximise and enjoy the very last bit of summer through this high-low skirt. I have been hunting down a green skirt for a while and when I discovered this little high-low skirt, I was over-joyed. Beautiful deep green, tick; visually balanced, tick; high-low hem, even better; comes in pleats, well...that's just a bonus.

I must admit, the thought of wearing one to work certainly did cross my mind, however, I decided that it may be a slight stretch for my conservative professional working environment. Nevertheless, I never lose hope, perhaps with time, I shall transition this piece discretely and seamlessly into the common repertoire of office-wear =)

Originally, I wanted a midi skirt in a deep green shade.  I love deep green colours such as emerald, jade, kelly and forest greens. Green is just such a reviving colour. Now, midi skirts are tricky on petite individuals who are vertically challenged. The skirt hits mid-calf and would work best on taller girls with longer legs. That being said, it is not to say that it will not work on shorter people, however, you should always try it on to ensure it looks right proportionally. The last thing you want is to look even shorter than you really are!

Asymmetric, especially, high-low skirts have been quite popular in recent months, particularly over summer. I can certainly understand their popularity; they do not discriminate against girls of certain heights. I like to think of them as the result of a special morph between a mini and a maxi. Super cute and so easy to wear, particularly during hotter months of the year. Formally, a skirt/dress with a longer tail is known as the fishtail, but the informal term is the high-low/mullet dress/skirt. It is such an interesting and ingenious design that manages to show some leg while maintaining the elegant fun-factor of a train, a little party at the front and serious business at the back.

Love it or hate it, this polarizing trend has infiltrated a multitude of runway shows and many have already taken advantage of its versatile powers. If you have ever been conflicted between choosing a mini and a maxi, as it turns out, you can have it all! Should you be in that world of indecisive hemlines and have decided to embrace the high-low skirt/dress, I have no tip other than to make sure you have on a fantastic pair of shoes! =)
Top: Ann Taylor;
Skirt: Zara;
Necklace: Amrita Singh (similar);
Clutch: Kookai;
Shoes: Madden Girl

Thank you so much for reading!

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