Meet Me

My name is Charlotte. Over the years I have accumulated many nick names such as: Charles, Charlie, Lotti, Dotti, Charlotti, Charlotte’s web. All of which are short lived, except for one – Charlo.

Welcome to my fashion blog, a place where I can express my personal style and share with you a collection of all the things that I love, and inspire me.

So…in the spirit of sharing, I would like to share with you my first confession...

When I was very young, I had a habit, and although I did not know at the time that this habit was slowly becoming a costly exercise to my parents, it did continued for quite some years. I would like you to meet – Charlo, the handkerchief addict.

I started my handkerchief collection as soon as I could walk, shopping with my parents or grandparents at a very young age. Other babies cried for attention, over spilled food, wanting more sweets or a brand new toy. I did not. I was a well behaved child...well, most of the time, except when I saw new hankies displayed beautifully in the clear glass cabinets and I was told that I already own hundreds at home and did not need another one. I would always stare longingly at the hankies, go through my mental log of all the hankies at home, and tell my parents the same thing every time – “But, I don’t have that one yet”.  

Yes, it was an obsession! I could not even count the number of hankies I purchased over those years, but I can safely say that I am now fully recovered from this particular addiction and I no longer dote over my hanky collection.

Ok, so what I am trying to share with you is not that I was obsessive compulsive; but a little insight to a small child’s world of imagination and appreciation for beautiful things. I was fascinated by colourful images, playful cartoon characters and would spend countless hours wondering how the intricate patterns could have stitched over what was once just a blank square canvas.

So today, allow me to introduce myself again – Charlo, the fashion lover. Make no mistake, as this is still very much also an addiction. Fashion to me is the freedom of expression. I am fascinated by its creativity, its history and evolution over time, as well as the impact of our environment and cultures that contributed to its development.  

I hope you will join me as we embark on this journey together, where we will explore ideas, use our imaginations, play with colours, patterns, textures and combinations. Who knows, maybe you might find that just like me, you also (if not already) share my addiction!

P.S. In case you are wondering, yes, the eyelashes are in azure blue…because life just wouldn’t be as much fun without some colours! ;)
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