Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Battle Between Chambray & Denim

Hi Everyone! Happy Thursday! Now that the rain is over and the sun's out again, I decided to pull out my soft washed chambray shirt the other day, and added on a pair of hot pink jeans to brighten the overall look. I love denim, but good denim anything is hard to come by. Ever since denim came back into fashion, I have been on the look out for a great denim shirt, but was not convinced that the stiffness or toughness of the material would be comfortable. It didn't take long before I solved this problem with a chambray shirt =)
I hear you ask what is the difference between denim and chambray. Too often, people are confused by the two or have just assumed they are the same thing, but actually they are fundamentally different in their weaving techniques. They are both made from cotton yarn and both materials are made by weaving white yarn through indigo dyed yarn.  
Without going too much into the technical details, the way both materials are woven determines how soft or rigid the material feels on the skin. The method used to weave denim actually gives it the iconic diagonal pattern (you can test this by looking at your true denim jeans). This special weave also means that it produces an overall tougher and denser material. Chambray, on the other hand is weaved using a more basic technique. Ok, so traditionally, chambray has been used to make men's work shirts, but this is now changed from the rugged feel to a more refined finishing. Yay!
So, who doesn't love soft fabric for easy casual wear? I opted for chambray in the end, as it tends to be a thinner material, moves a lot easier, and is much better suited for the summer/autumn seasons. Let's worry about winter when it comes hey?! In the mean time, go out there enjoy the sun, have a lazy Sunday coffee or wine in your favourite chambray shirt! 
Jeans: Zara;
Necklace: Sportsgirl;
Watch: Swatch;
Bag: Longchamp;
Shoes: Tory Burch (similar)

Thank you so much for reading! :)
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    1. Hi David, thank you for your kind words and checking out the blog! Let me know if there are any topics of interest you would like to see =)

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    1. Hi Ren! Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you found this post useful!! :)

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