Monday, April 23, 2012

Sheath Dress with Charming Rose Accents

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! For us Aussies, who will be celebrating ANZAC day this coming Wednesday, I hope you will enjoy the mid-week mini break and please also remember the importance of this day to our nation. If you are waking up extra early to participate in the Dawn service at the Shrine (in Melbourne), good on ya! I will be baking some home-made anzac cookies as I pay my tribute to those who served and died for our nation. On a more uplifting note, although it is now well into Autumn, the recent weekends have been extremely mild and filled with sunshine. I took full advantage of the great weather and showed some shoulder in this rose patterned sheath dress.

I love this dress! It has a very understated romantic vibe to it. It's so easy to wear and the perfect date dress for a walk in the park or enjoying a cosy dinner for two. The material is silky smooth, the cut is classic and the colours are perfectly complimented in creamy ivory and taupe; the icing on the cake?...Charming little rose patterns scattered all over the dress, that brought a smile to my face. I wouldn't say this dress is the "typical" classic sheath dress. Since fashion is forever evolving, and with every new season we welcome a surge of creativity and new ideas that add special touches to some of our favourite time-honoured classic pieces. 

Sheath dresses are classically known to accentuate the female silhouette as they contour closely to the body line. They are relatively unadorned, with the skirt part of the dress typically resembling a pencil skirt that fall around the knees (just above or below). Sheath dresses are suitable to wear for most occasions, including formal events. They are typically sleeveless with a zipper closure at the back,  however, sleeve lengths and necklines can vary. The one and only thing that does stay as a constant characteristic throughout these variations is the sheath's fitted shape.
The history of sheath dresses can be traced back to the 1950s when two silhouettes dominated fashion for women. The "New Look," popularized by Christian Dior, emphasized a small waist with a full skirt. The other was the sheath. It also emphasised the waist but with the skirt that followed the contours of the female body. According to the Fashion-era, both silhouettes highlighted a woman's shape. The sheath dress, unlike the "New Look" did have a longer lifespan, it remained popular in the 1960s and has since withstood many changes in trends.
To "dress" in utter simplicity, nothing beats a sheath dress. The flattering clean lines will create a streamlined silhouette and prevent the dress from overwhelming your figure. If you have never tried the sheath dress, why not experiment one with a classic cut and perhaps an added charm that you just could not resist! =)
Dress: Forever21;
Earrings: Sportsgirl;
Bracelet: Mimco;
Clutch: Asos (similar), (also seen here);
Shoes: Zara

Thank you so much for reading!
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  1. I love your purple outfit. You look fabulous on your purple dress, shoes, clutch and your pink lipstick. You look so gorgeous indeed! I know you love fashion based on what I saw in these photos. You can visit this site, it has unique and fashionable costumes. I hope you'll love it!

    More hugs..:-)

  2. You look so lovely in that outfit. What I like most about this fashion statement is your gold bracelet. It's so elegant! I used to sell gold online so I could buy gold jewelries like that.

    1. Hi Maia! Thanks for the compliment! This gold bracelet is a charm. I purchased it a while ago and is unfortunately no longer available for purchase. Thanks for visiting the blog! =)

  3. The charming was brought to life because of the dress's color. If you go to a party with this attire, you'll definitely catch the eyes of everyone. Alternative will be to wear tight black leggings.


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