Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Denim on Denim

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week so far! Last weekend I went out for a little adventure in the park. I'll admit, it has been a while since I last climbed a tree, and I had such a ball doing it! It brought back waves of great memories as a child, playing in the park with friends after school. I thought a denim outfit top to bottom would be perfect for an action-packed day.
Shirt: American Eagle (similarsimilar); Jeans: American Eagle (similar, similar); Scarf: Kate Spade;
Earrings: Amrita Singh; Bracelet: Mouche; Bag: Balenciaga (similar, beautiful rose-red colour here); Boots: Restricted (Other great styles here, here)

Now, when it comes to denim, to avoid looking overly matchy-matchy, I like to mix things up and prefer not to wear it top to bottom. However, the denim on denim trend that started not so long ago looked so casual, down to earth and super comfortable.

Despite some initial hesitation, I am loving this double denim combo. It is simple, non-restrictive, a little rustic but incredibly easy to wear for a day where you know you will be moving around. If you are thinking of giving this combo a go, I would recommend considering:
  • Mixing lighter denim with darker denim to bring some texture and depth to the outfit
  • If you are going with a loose fitting top, consider choosing a more fitted bottom (e.g., skinny jeans) to avoid looking frumpy
  • Also try to look for embellishments (such as studs, spikes etc) on your denim, or different denim colours/textures/structure (e.g., patched, cut-out shoulders) to add a bit of interest to the outfit.

If you have never contemplated giving the double denim a go, take a chance to experiment with it and enjoy the carefree spirit that it brings!
Shirt: American Eagle (similar, similar); 
Jeans: American Eagle (similar, similar);
Scarf: Kate Spade;
Earrings: Amrita Singh; Bracelet: Mouche;
Bag: Balenciaga (similar, beautiful rose-red colour here);
Boots: Restricted (Other great styles here, here)

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