Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boy meets Girl

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Just saying a quick hello and hoping you are having a fabulous day! I'm experimenting with something a little different today. I'm playing around with a few contrasting textures and colours in juxtaposition, trying to incorporate both masculine and feminine features in an entire outfit. I thought a striped shirt and a black vest would be a great place to start. Sprinkle some feminine touches here and there to soften the look and...voila!
Shirt: Herringbone; Vest: Klein Plus; Skirt: Zara (similar, similar); Earrings: Gift; Necklace: Mimco; Cufflinks: MCM StudioClutch: Peeptoe (similar, loving this one); Shoes: Alice & Olivia (also loving this colour)

Even though the vest is traditionally worn by men, I'm glad that both time and fashion have moved forward.

Ok, so the little black vest may not be as powerful, versatile or classic as your little black dress, and chances are it will get overlooked if you had to choose one over the other. But, sometimes fashion can surprise you in unexpected ways. By mixing things up and seeing what fun you can have when you blend various flavours together, you may just discover a new favourite! =)
Shirt: Herringbone; Vest: Klein Plus;
Skirt: Zara (similar, similar);
Earrings: Gift; Necklace: Mimco; Cufflinks: MCM Studio;
Clutch: Peeptoe (similar, loving this one);
Shoes: Alice & Olivia (also loving this colour)

Thank you so much for reading!
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