Monday, July 16, 2012

Spot the Difference

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you had a beautiful weekend and are ready to tackle another busy week ahead! Mondays are always a little harder, but it is still important to set the tone right for the rest of the week. A dash of colour and a playful pattern always sets me on a great path, so today I decided to play with  whimsical polka dots in different sizes. Unsure if this spotty approach from top to bottom would work, I decided to take a chance anyway, hoping this fashion risk would lead to a pleasant surprise rather than baring a  close resemblance to a lady bug. The verdict? Phew...I was happy that there was enough differences to avoid making the connection =P 
Shirt: Asos (similarsimilar); Pants: Ann Taylor (similar, similar); Sunglasses: Kookai (similar, similar); Necklace: Sportsgirl; Clutch: Olga Berg (similar, similar); Shoes: H&M (cute ones here and here)

In previous posts, I have styled the same blouse with a mesh skirt, see here, and styled a polka dot skirt outfit here. This two-piece, top to bottom approach is a first and confirmed my love for the cheeky pattern. Even when styled together, I thought the different sized spots played well to the cheerful and playful personalities of the polka dots. I think this timeless pattern will remain a strong favourite of mine for years to come. It is super versatile, easy to wear and adds a youthful vibe to the whole ensemble.  

Fashion to me is about having some fun while enjoying the practice of experimentation. It is somewhat similar to the act of putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you may experience congruent emotions such as frustration and confusion, however, sometimes if you are patient, it might just work out beautifully and coherently in the end =)
 Shirt: Asos (similar, similar);
Pants: Ann Taylor (similar, similar);
Sunglasses: Kookai (similar, similar);
Necklace: Sportsgirl;
Clutch: Olga Berg (similar, similar);
Shoes: H&M (cute ones here and here)

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