Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winter Blossoms & Prada Baroque

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great Thursday! Just wanting to thank you for your patience with recent delays in updating the blog. I have been travelling in the last couple of weeks and since returning home, it has been an absolute chaos trying to move house. Having gone through this rather painful process, I am now more convinced than ever that 'Simple Living' shall be my new motto going forward in order to stay sane the next time I need to move again. I am just utterly amazed with the amount of possessions one is able to accumulate over time =P 

Now that I am back home and moved, postings will become more regular again. One of the harsh realities of coming back home is bracing this bone-chilled weather and the constant rain. Melbourne is not incredibly equipped to deal with cold weather because we are just not really "known" to have cold winters, despite the reality. To brighten the mood in this sombre weather, I pounced at the opportunity to wear something cheerful even if the sun only peeped out for a brief moment. I thought a splash of burnt orange with some floral printed jeans, along with my new favourite - the Prada Baroque sunglasses-, would suffice =) 

J Brand Mid Rise Capri Jeans Heaven Mini Floral

Top: Mix (similarsimiar); Jacket: Etam; Jeans: JBrand (similar, similar); Shoes: H&M (orange version here);
Sunnies: Prada BaroqueEarrings: Mouche; Necklace: J.Crew; Bag: Mouche (cute one here)

These sunglasses are a real treat and I absolutely adore the decorative details. Purchased on a whim in NYC, they are by far one of my favourite summer purchases during this trip. I certainly did not need to be persuaded to take this fancy little lady for a spin in the neighbourhood. She's an absolute stunner up close and personal. Her distinctive, oversized round frame is perfectly adorned with these elegant baroque-inspired swirls. Surprisingly, these round frames are suitable to many different face shapes. 

Printed denim/pants (e.g., floral) have been one of the top spring trends this year. With summer well on its way for my Northern hemisphere friends, if you have missed out on getting a pair in Spring, try a pair of floral shorts this summer. They are super cute and versatile. A sure winner from day to night and all summer long. To my Southern-hemisphere friends, like me, battling through the cold winter, we can also enjoy elements of the cheerful floral pattern. I chose a winter appropriate darker neutral colour as a base for some serious winter blossoms! 
J Brand Mid Rise Capri Jeans Heaven Mini Floral

If you are wondering how to pull off a pair of flamboyant bottom, the guidelines for pairing the bottom would be similar to pairing a floral top (floral blazer styled here). The safer pairing option is to go with neutrals for your upper half. Neutral colours tend to compliment and really bring the focus back to the "hero" of your ensemble. If you don't like to go with neutrals, you can also choose a colour for your top that matches to any of the colours from your printed bottom. For some additional ideas, leopard jeans are styled here
I am a real sucker for details. For me, it's the small details like the historic, decorative swirls, the little floral patterns, the positioning of the grosgrain bow or the neatly lined gold buttons that add the final, finer touches to an outfit and bring it to life. I hope the next time you are out shopping, you will find a keeper that entails little details, but is accompanied by a huge impact, and will take no convincing at all for you to take it home! 
Top: Mix (similar, simiar); Jacket: Etam; 
Jeans: JBrand (similar, similar); 
Shoes: H&M (orange version here);
Sunnies: Prada Baroque;
Earrings: Mouche; Necklace: J.Crew;
Bag: Mouche (cute one here)

Thank you so much for reading!
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  1. Hi! I'm obsessing over these sunnies, and they're on SALE for SAKS Friends & Family right now! I'm Asian too and don't have much of a they fit ok on the face? I have big troubles with sunglasses sometimes because of my nose! Cheers :D

    1. Hi Dion! I love those Prada Baroque sunglasses, but if you don't have much of a bridge then you might have trouble with the fit. My bridge is not super high so sometimes they slide downwards on my face. Luckily my cheeks also provide a bit of support to hold them up :)

      There isn't a lot of support from the glasses itself and you can't adjust the nose bridge area like raybans. I would recommend you try them on to ensure a good fit. If you can't get to SFA to try on (maybe you can get to a sunglasses hut near you? They also carry those glasses), you could purchase a pair, try and it on and return it if the fit is not right. Hope this helps!! Good luck! :)


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