Monday, June 4, 2012

Nice & Clean, White on White

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Next post will be from NYC...yay! Hoping the weather will be great there and I am looking forward to sharing with you some of my travelling outfits =) 

Last weekend was fantastic, for the first time in a long long time, I actually had some spare time to relax. The weather was a lot milder too, so I jumped at the opportunity to wear shorts without having to worry about wearing tights underneath to keep warm. Personally, I think tights and stockings are great, especially the interesting ones that come in different colours, textures or patterns, but I do find them a little less flexible in terms of pairing with a wide variety of skirts, shorts, dresses or shoes (particularly peep toes). Given the nice weather, I wanted to create a really clean look, so I decided on a white combination. 

Shirt: Anthropologie (great styles here and here); Jacket: Zara Trf (great styles here and here); Shorts: Asos; Earrings: Amrita Singh; Watch: DKNY (similar); Clutch: Forever New (similar, similar); Shoes: Mollini (similar, wedge style here)

I love whites but to be honest, I hardly wear them for a number of reasons. To me, whites are very high maintenance, keeping it pristine and then cleaning it afterwards is a bit of a hassle. There were so many times that I overlooked this colour, because of the anticipated care and preservation requirements. However, I think white is incredibly powerful in terms of projecting a super clean, elegant and sometimes angelic look. After all, this is the sacred colour that has been worn and adored by brides from all over the world and throughout the centuries. 

Now, wearing predominantly white in the middle of winter is slightly uncommon. People are more accustomed to layering on darker and more solemn colours during colder seasons, and for a very good reason too. Sun light and heat are absorbed so much better on darker surfaces than lighter ones, therefore, it makes practical sense to dress in darker tones during winter to keep warm. I just could not resist the minimalist look that also comes with an edge of cool immaculate brilliance.

To avoid looking like a big white marshmallow, I thought it would be nice to also pack in some fun colours from the inside, and just let it peep out at the edges of this white ensemble. Kind of like a fancy present wrapped in a layer of delicate white paper =P 

Winter can be such a serious and intense season, "lighten" it up with some unconventional colours. For my Northern hemisphere friends, I hope white will be that "breath of fresh air" as you head towards the warmer weather!
Shirt: Anthropologie (great styles here and here);
Jacket: Zara Trf (great styles here and here); 
Shorts: Asos
Earrings: Amrita Singh
Watch: DKNY (similar);
Clutch: Forever New (similar, similar); 
Shoes: Mollini (similar, wedge style here)

Thank you so much for reading!
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