Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Scarf Print Blazer

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Today is another happy blazer edition (floral one styled here). Melbourne has given us a beautiful day so far, mild with plenty of sunshine...Hooray (doesn't even matter if it's only temporary)! I took full advantage of it by going with thinner layers today, and felt incredibly liberated that I could get away with this delicate scarf print blazer in the middle of winter. This blazer is super light and I simply adore the bold pattern, the design and the cute button details. Sometimes just the little things will put a big smile on my face! =)
Singlet: Bonds; Blazer: Zara (splurge); Shorts: MNG; Earrings: Mouche; Clutch: Tony Bianco (love this and this); Shoes: Nine West (similar, splurge)

I love the fact that this blazer is a little different and has a bit of character. Aside from the fancy scarf print patterns weaved throughout it, the blazer is also silky smooth on the outside with cottony comfortable lapels. Usually, I like to fold the sleeves of my blazers (if full length) to give it a more casual vibe, and am always over joyed when this exercise reveals pretty lining inside =) 
When you buy a blazer that has a bit of detail, or is quite colourful and bold, it often makes a fantastic statement piece on its own. You may find that your job is made easy with a piece like this because you really don't need much more for it stand out in the crowd and be noticed. 
In case you are wondering how to pair this "piece of art work" on you, may I first suggest that you try and keep an overall minimalist approach. By this, I would keep additional new colours minimal, other patterns or textures also minimal. This way, you can give your centre piece the attention that it deserves, and not overwhelm or distract your observers with too many other themes and colours. The key here is to complement. This can be easily achieved if you try and find a colour on your statement piece and then find a pairing piece that also comes in that colour. I went with navy shorts today and this colour also happens to be the dominant colour of the blazer. In my humble opinion, this often creates a more uniformed and integrated look.
Ok, it's true, I do have a soft spot for blazers. I find them very powerful in terms of elevating your overall presentation to the next level. There are plenty out there in the market, from mono toned beauties to fancier permutations of your "vanilla flavour". One thing I find helpful to keep in mind when shopping for a blazer (to avoid the "kid in a candy store" situation) is not to compromise the fit over cosmetic elements such as colour, added sparkles or feathers. Please don't get me wrong, I love these elements and they are often the key influences to purchase, however nothing beats a great fit. I totally understand that there will be moments when you are just so in love with the blazer that you lose a little focus on how the blazer actually looks on you. In my books, any blazer with a great fit that flatters you is a much better investment than one that looks nice on its own. We know that it's definitely a keeper when it fits perfectly and looks even more amazing on you! =)

Every time I look at this blazer, it reminds me of a giant bandana scarf wrapped around me...ha...and I also find myself associating holidays, beaches and sunshine with a bandana. Put the two together? Wearing this blazer is almost like me jetting off to a tropical holiday island. Love it! I hope your next blazer will also give you plenty to smile about!
                                                                        Singlet: Bonds; 
                                                                  Blazer: Zara (splurge); 
                                                                         Shorts: MNG; 
                                                                      Earrings: Mouche; 
                                                   Clutch: Tony Bianco (love this and this); 
                                                        Shoes: Nine West (similarsplurge)

Thank you so much for reading!
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