Thursday, May 17, 2012

Office Edition: Soft Taupe and Bright Azalea

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Oh boy, I had such a busy, eventful and emotional week. Absolutely cannot wait to kick off the weekend tomorrow night! It's been a while since I last talked about office-wear, so I thought I would share with you today, one of my current favourite office pairings. I am a real believer in bringing out fresh colours when we need them the most, and there is no better time than winter. Today, I decided to go with my magenta coloured pencil skirt. I absolutely adore this colour and anything with that hue. It reminds me of the pretty azalea flowers!
Top: Zara (also love this and this); Skirt: Ann TaylorEarrings: Mouche (similar, also love this); Bag: Chanel (love this vintage one and this); Shoes: Charles & Keith (similar, splurge)

Magenta is a secondary colour produced from mixing red with blue. Although a pretty colour on its own, it can be a little limiting and tricky to pair with, especially with other bright colours. You probably can't go too wrong with black, but where is the fun in that? Why not consider pairing with some more interesting choices such as purple, turquoise, coral and metallics (e.g., silver, champagne), but not all in one go though! =P

For a more conservative and professional working environment, I didn't want to go with another bright colour, so I decided on taupe; I love this colour combination! Taupe is such a sophisticated neutral colour. It's rich, creamy and well textured. The perfect foundation colour to "ground" the flamboyant magenta. The best part of this taupe blouse? It has a subtle metallic sheen to it. It is important to remember that when you choose a large, brightly coloured item to wear to the office, pair it with something neutral. I would also avoid sparkles and overly shiny metallics (particularly if your office is conservative).

A pencil skirt is quite appropriate for the office and work. Many woman love this simple cut that produces a flattering line. For winter months, go with light wool pencil skirts. Unless I'm suiting up, I always like to pair different materials and colours together. This generally gives your outfit more dimension and life.
If you are lucky enough to get away with anything for work. Well...I'm jealous!! For those of you like me, who need to dress professionally, this doesn't have to mean black suits everyday. Make the most out of winter and add some pretty colours to your wardrobe. I hope the happy colours will cheer you up as you catch a glimpse of your reflection on your way to work!
Top: Zara (also love this and this);
Skirt: Ann Taylor;
Earrings: Mouche (similar, also love this);
Bag: Chanel (love this vintage one and this);
Shoes: Charles & Keith (similar, splurge)

Thank you so much for reading!
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