Monday, May 28, 2012

Metallic Tweed with Wide Leg Pants

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you had a great start to the week! Following from the highly viewed posting of the casual tweed jacket (styled here), I wanted to share with you another one of my favourite tweed jackets in a different style. This little metallic beauty is a little less casual, a touch more mature and glamorous. She particularly enjoys the city night life and dinners with candle lights, as these are the times when she can best show off her 'sparkling' personality =P I personally find her colour, structure and even the sparkles like a well coordinated symphony. The demure champagne tone sets the perfect backdrop for some weaved metallic magic, without being too overpowering and gaudy. To complete the look, I paired her with my high waist, wide leg pants. These pants have proved themselves to be not only comfy, but also petite friendly. 
Top: Bonds; Jacket: Zara (similar, similar, splurge); Pants: Asos (white version); Earrings: Topshop; Clutch: Kookai (similar, similar); Shoes: Lulu Townsend (similar, similar, love this);

To be honest, I had doubts when I was deciding on whether to purchase wide leg pants. High waist is great, but wide leg?....I wasn't sure that this would work. Wide leg pants are really not for everyone, as such, they have never been seen as the dominant style to conquer the streets. Whilst they may be loved by some, it's probably not expected that they will reach mass popularity in any hurry. The skinnies on the other hand, have done a much better job appealing to the mass market. One of the reasons why these comfy wide leg pants have not been hugely popular has a lot to do with proportion. 

Being vertically challenged, I fully understand the limitations of wearing wide leg pants, therefore, have always placed them as a tricky item to master. I think they are a fantastic fashion item and can work well on taller girls in accentuating a long and elegant silhouette. Visually, the wide leg pants have a tendency to widen and thus shorten your overall visual look, which is not desirable. If you are not tall, but still keen to give them a go, here are some tips:
  • Always wear them with heels because flats will simply never complete the look as well as heels
  • Pair the wide leg pants with a slim-fitting top or tucked in your top to balance out the volume of the bottom half. A soft, billowing blouse can also work well but is best paired with a waist-cinching belt
  • If you are petite, why not try a flared pair first before launching into a pair of fully fledged wide leg pants
  • Keep in mind you can choose varying degrees of width to your pants, perhaps one with a subtle width might work much better on a smaller framed person
  • Finding a pair that comes with a high waist is a bonus as the high waist can assist to elongate your overall proportions
  • Shorter/cropped jackets will also work well to visually balance the wide leg pants.
While wide leg pants may not all of a sudden become your new wardrobe staple, don’t overlook its potential as an elegant and stylish addition to your fashion repertoire. It may take you a little more time to find the right pair to match your frame, but when you do, I hope you will enjoy its simplicity and the understated chic vibe!
Top: Bonds;
Jacket: Zara (similar, similar, splurge);
Pants: Asos (white version);
Earrings: Topshop;
Clutch: Kookai (similar, similar);
Shoes: Lulu Townsend (similar, similar, love this);

Thank you so much for reading!
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