Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easy, Breasy...

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! We had some gorgeous spring weather last weekend. I was so excited about not having to wear a jacket that I decided to go with something super easy and fresh. Although the temperature has been steadily increasing, the wind on the other hand was strong and mighty! Spring: success, hair: fail. Oh well, can't complain, I'll take what I can get :P
White Raph Lauren cable knit crewneck sweater with Gap 1969 tropical always skinny skimmer jeans
Top: Ralph LaurenBottom: Gap;  Sunglasses: Ray-BanRing: CC SkypeWatch: Michael Kors (similar); Clutch: Tony Bianco; Shoes: American Eagle (love this)
As the weather warms up, I often find my color preferences evolve toward lighter and more natural tones. Don't worry, it's not a color recession (not sure if it can ever happen to me!). I just prefer really clean colors, fresh hues and neutral tones. Whites become a real star in the closet and this outfit clearly demonstrates my infatuation with it :)
Raph Lauren cable knit crewneck sweater in White

CC Skype super woman gold ring with Michael Kors silver & gold oversized watch

Tony Bianco blue suede clutch

Gap 1969 tropical always skinny skimmer jeans

American Eagle Aztec espadrilles
On a separate but sad note, Ange (see her here) and I have been closely following the story of missing Malaysian flight MH370. With recent developments, I am frustrated with the search results thus far, and the inconclusive outcome of this investigation. Moreover, I am immensely sad for those affected. My heart goes out to all the passengers and crew members on board, as well as their families in deep grief for their loved ones. I hope nothing like this will ever happen again, and that we can learn from this incident to better prepare for the future! I'm so sorry to talk about such a sad topic on what I always hope to be a cheerful and happy blog, but the subject has been consuming me since we first heard the news.
Ray-Ban mirrored matte classic aviator sunglasses in gold/blue with Gap 1969 tropical always skinny skimmer jeans
On a happier note, I am thankful that it looks like spring has finally sprung, and that we can put behind the cold and dark days to welcome a new and exciting season!
Bottom: Gap
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban;
Ring: CC Skype;
Watch: Michael Kors (similar);
Clutch: Tony Bianco;
Shoes: American Eagle (love this)

Thank you so much for reading!

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