Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tough Love

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great week so far! Ok, I realized that I was a little ambitious with the outfit selection today. Don't let the sun fool you, it's freeezing...brrr.....Despite the recent beautiful weather that gave us a small glimpse of spring and what's to come, sadly, it was short lived and here we are, back to the chilly winter. With that said, bracing the cold was definitely a lot easier with a punch of cheerful color and a motorcycle (moto) jacket!
Zara leather detail moto jacket with Asos skater dress in pink
Dress: AsosMoto Jacket: Zara; Sunglasses: Karen WalkerScarf: eBay (similar); Gloves: Zara (love this one); 
Belt: Zara (similarsimilar); Boots: Anne Klein
I'll admit, I have a thing for a great moto jacket :P My personal favorite is black, leather (or faux) or has leather detailing (like this one I'm wearing). I am a color girl through-and-through, but there are a few wardrobe favorites that I love to collect in the classic black, including a great moto jacket :) This perennial favorite of bikers, rockers and off-duty models, is timeless and instantly adds edginess to toughen up your look.
Zara leather detail moto jacket with Leopard scarf

If you are wondering how to style them, below are some tips to consider:
  1. Select your fabric - leather vs denim vs cotton vs silk. They each bring a slightly different feel to the look you want to create. For example: leather is edgy, denim is casual and silk is feminine.
  2. Balanced textures - think about what you want to wear with your moto jacket. For example, pairing lighter material (such as silk/chiffon) with tougher material (such as leather) creates a more balanced look and feel.
  3. Finding your fit - this is really important. You should try and make sure you can zip up the jacket properly so you can wear it open or zipped up.
  4. Choosing color - think about the most likely weather in which you would wear your jacket. I always consider the longevity of my classic pieces, therefore black is an obvious choice. Otherwise, your can choose your moto jacket based on appropriate seasonal colors.
  5. Personalize - this is the best part of fashion: adding your personal touch! You can DIY some studs, pin some badges or sew some patches to your jacket. Wear it with some shearling lining for winter to keep things toasty warm or rock some serious arm swag with your moto to keep things cool :P 
Zara leather detail moto jacket with Karen Walker Number One sunglasses

Leopard Scarf

Zara leather zip gloves

Zara studded leather belt

Anne Klein Notme black boots
No matter what your body type or style is, I'm sure you will (if you have not already) harness that cool confidence in a great moto jacket! :)
Asos skater dress in pink
Dress: Asos;
Moto Jacket: Zara;
Sunglasses: Karen Walker;
Scarf: eBay (similar);
Gloves: Zara (love this one); 
Belt: Zara (similar, similar);
Boots: Anne Klein

Thank you so much for reading!

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