Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweater Weather

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week! is definitely sweater weather today. Just yesterday we had our first snow fall of the season. It was short lived, but the chill still permeated the entire city. Winter may be coming early this year and I'm greeting the cold with a splash of rich burgundy and playful velvet polka dots. I think it does the trick :P
Burgundy J.Crew elbow-patch sweater
Sweater: J.CrewPants: J.CrewSunglasses: Ray-Ban; Earrings: JewelMint; Scarf: Zara (similar); Clutch: FCUK;
Shoes: Zara
Sweaters are such a comforting staple in the closet. Whether you live in a cold place or not, there's always room for new sweaters : ) Usually at this time of the year, I love to browse the wide range of sweater collections in stores. Rows and rows of cozy sweaters folded and stacked in colorful piles, merino wool and soft cashmere in every pattern for every shape. It's no wonder we all love to collect new sweaters every year!
Burgundy J.Crew elbow-patch sweater

Burgundy J.Crew elbow-patch sweater
Speaking of variety, you may notice by now that I love to mix colors and textures. This not only gives dimension to your outfit, it is also a fantastic way to dress for the cold season. I must admit, velvet has always been on my list of tricky materials to wear. It has that beautiful and opulent texture, but it also carries the perception of maturing your look. I think these velvet pants from J.Crew definitely changed my previous impression. An updated velvet look with some playful polka dots in a fresh navy colorway is definitely a winner.
J.Crew toothpick navy jean in velvet dot

JewelMint lauper earrings and zara navy polka dot scarf

Ray Ban Aviators in gold blue

FCUK tan suede clutch

Zara snow leopard pump
Just because the days are shorter and the weather is gloomier, doesn't mean we have to dress to match. I hope that perfect, cozy sweater will keep you warm and stylish this winter!
Sweater: J.Crew;
Pants: J.Crew;
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Earrings: JewelMint;
Scarf: Zara (similar);
Clutch: FCUK;
Shoes: Zara

Thank you so much for reading!

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