Monday, February 6, 2012

Bold Stripes with Layered Necklaces

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! True to Melbourne's reputation of having four seasons in one day, we had a crazy Sunday that was filled with gale force wind, rain and sunshine. We were out having Sunday brunch and literally after snapping some shots, the sky opened and down came the rain. But all is well in the end when the sun broke through and finally poked its cheerful face to greet us.
Despite all the craziness, Melbourne's weather is truly unique in that no matter what happens in a single minute, you can always count on the sun to shine through in the end. It's almost like watching a couple having a fight, but always managing to work things out in the end :)

After living in Melbourne for nearly all my life, I do agree that when it comes to dressing, the unpredictable nature of our weather can make things a little more difficult. You will need to be flexible and be prepared for almost any kind of weather when you step out of the house in the morning. The fun part though is that you get to be creative, and find outfits that are both flattering and functional.

Over a casual brunch, I experimented with the concept of layering necklaces together to create a casual look. Now, I must admit, I am generally a single necklace "devoter". I don't really believe in having multiple relationships with necklaces at a single point in time. As such, you will rarely find me with multiple strands hanging around my neck, unless it's just one single necklace. To me, there is something special about just letting that one piece take centre stage at one point in time.
The result? I am pleased :) The pairing of tough silverware with the more delicate seems to complement each other against the bold stripes. Being the strong colour advocate that I am, I wouldn't let this perfect opportunity pass without injecting some healthy doses of vibrancy to an otherwise conservative colour palette. Next time, when you are unsure of hanging multiple layers around your neck, I say go for it and experiment. After all, that is what fashion is all about!

Top: J.Crew;
Bottom: Zara;
Necklaces: Tiffany & Co., Mimco;
Bag: Balenciaga City Giant (similar);
Shoes: Zara;

Thanks for reading! :)    


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