Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunny Days & Striped Maxi

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! This past weekend New York gave us gorgeous weather, perfect temperature, plenty of sunshine and a light breeze to top it all off! Sadly, I know these days are numbered, so you really have to take full advantage of them while you can. Pretty soon, we will be in the midst of scorching heat and muggy summer days. I thought a maxi dress would be perfect for this kind of weather and a short cruise along the Hudson river :)
Loft striped maxi dress with H&M light wash cropped denim jacket
Dress: Loft (also love this); Jacket: H&M (similar); Sunglasses: Ray-BanRings: H&M (similar); Bangle: C.Wonder, Kate Spade, JewelMint; Clutch: Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar); Shoes: Loft (similar)
I love the thought of maxi dresses, but because of their length they can be a challenge for petite girls. I love this particular style as the vertical stripes elongate the body and create the illusion of added height. The waist tie also cuts slightly above the waist, which further lengthens the lower body. I also added a cropped denim jacket that cut right around the waist. This not only added some texture to the dress, but is also a much more flattering length to pair with the maxi dress.
Loft striped maxi dress with Ray-Ban Mirror Aviator Sunglasses

If you are petite, there is no need to shy away from a maxi dress. The key is to have it at the right length for your height. Make sure it's not dragging on the ground and that you are able to wear flats as well. Try and cinch the waist slightly above your natural waist to really lengthen your legs ;)
Mouche Key Necklace

H&M gold cage rings with C.Wonder leopard bangle, Kate Spade gold scallop bangle and JewelMint double jaguar bangle

Lauren Ralph Lauren brown leather cross body wallet on chain

Loft strappy wedge sandals

On a side note, I've been getting into soccer quite a bit lately because of the FIFA World Cup. I absolutely love the way sports can bring people, nation and passion all together!
H&M light wash cropped denim jacket with Ray-Ban Mirror Aviator Sunglasses
Dress: Loft (also love this);
Jacket: H&M (similar);
Rings: H&M (similar);
Bangle: C.Wonder, Kate Spade, JewelMint;
Clutch: Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar);
Shoes: Loft (similar)

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