Wednesday, February 6, 2013

High Contrast Bright Canary Yellow

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Hope your day is treating you well! I'm going back to basics today with a good dose of black and white colors. I really enjoy looking out for outfits in winter that come in textured materials, interesting patterns and asymmetrical cuts. These qualities give that added dimension and life to your clothing, making them not only fascinating to look at but also just that much more fun to wear.
Top: Forever 21; Jacket: Loft (similarsimilarsimilar); Skirt: ZaraSunglasses: PradaNecklace: H&M (other cute designs herehere);  Bangle: Mouche (other cute designs here, here); Shoes: Shoedazzle (similar, similarsimilar)

Ok, so I didn't exactly stop at the black and white theme, I also added a statement canary yellow blazer for an extra sprinkle of dazzle! Since it's so sunny outside, I should at least match it with something equally as bright, right? =) More importantly, I just love how this color puts a big fat smile on my face every time. A definite mood elevator to beat any winter blues!

A well tailored and structured blazer that fits you like a glove should be a wardrobe staple. I've talked many times in previous postings about how much I appreciate a great blazer. It really is a life saver! You can wear it with almost anything and you will still look super chic and effortlessly put together. This little canary beauty is no exception. Obviously the color caught my eye, but more importantly, I also adore the quality of the material and the cut of the blazer. I think it's modern, youthful and an eye catcher!

Sometimes, we all just need a couple of statement pieces in our wardrobes that make us smile and feel good about ourselves whenever we put them on! I hope you have a few these wardrobe saviors!
Top: Forever 21; Jacket: Loft (similar, similar, similar);
Skirt: Zara;
Sunglasses: Prada;
Necklace: H&M (other cute designs herehere); 
Bangle: Mouche (other cute designs here, here);
Shoes: Shoedazzle (similarsimilar, similar)

Thank you so much for reading!


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