Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beautiful Start to 2013 @ Pangkor Laut Resort

Hi everyone! Happy 2013!!! I hope you all had a fantastic start to 2013 and that your year will be filled with happiness, good health and good company! Apologies for delayed posting over the holiday period. Hubby and I just returned from our big family reunion in Malaysia. It was just wonderful to get away to somewhere warm, soak up the tropical sun and enjoy the much needed dose of family love. We didn't get to celebrate Christmas with our families in Australia, but this trip sure made up for it =)
Pangkor Laut Resort

We flew into Kuala Lumpur via Abu Dhabi. It was such a long exhaustive flight to KL with a long stop over in Abu Dhabi. Thankfully, we had a good friend who now lives there and showed us around town during our 7hr layover. It was the perfect first taste of the city and I'm sure we'll be back to visit!
The Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

We spent quite a few days in KL once we had arrived in Malaysia. A party of 38 in hubby's big family reunion, flew into KL from all over the world, so you can imagine there would be quite a bit to catch up on. We then all headed for this beautiful resort island called Pangkor Laut. I could live there forever!!
Pangkor Laut Resort
Natives on the island, Pangkor Laut Resort
Chilling by the pool, Pangkor Laut Resort

It was so wonderful having to wake up to breathtaking views of the sea and the mountain everyday. I looked forward to doing nothing but getting pampered in the spa village, lying on a hammock by the beach and listening to the gentle crash of the waves as I took my afternoon snooze from a "hard day's work." Of course there were also sunset cruises with cocktails to enjoy and a wide variety of fun water activities. I could definitely get used to this life! =P
Water villas, Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Dinner time, Pangkor Laut Resort

The absolute best part of this trip? Spending some quality time with all of hubby's family! I hope you guys all had a wonderful holiday, may this be the start of a magnificent year!
 Attending family function, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
 Attending family function, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Thank you so much for dropping by.

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