Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wrapped Up with a Bow

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic day and week so far! Today, I'm just letting the bow do all the talking =) Do not underestimate the power of a beautiful bow, when it is done right, it might be all you need. It makes a perfect decoration, a fantastic conversation starter and let's not is the foundation of a highly anticipated and brilliant gift =)
Top: Tinley RoadSkirt: H&M; Headband: Forever New (similar, similar); Earrings: Gift; Wallet: Prada (beautiful red colour here); Bow Belt: Oscar de la Renta (other cute styles here, here & here); Shoes: Nine West (similar, similar)

I love admiring fashion details, whether it is the intricate lace pattern of a dress, or the thoughtful selection and placement of buttons on a blouse. They are all gestures that completes a beautiful picture, and mastering the art of tying a stunning bow knot is no exception!

Thanks for dropping by! =)
Top: Tinley Road;
Skirt: H&M;
Headband: Forever New (similar, similar);
Earrings: Gift; Wallet: Prada (beautiful red colour here);
Bow Belt: Oscar de la Renta (other cute styles here, here & here);
Shoes: Nine West (similar, similar)

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