Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Travel Post: The Maine Half-Marathon Adventure

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! Hope you are having an awesome week! I recently took a road trip to Portland, Maine, for a fun weekend. This trip was initially planned just to enjoy the fall foliage and to eat fresh lobsters by the harbor. As it turned out, the Maine half & full marathon fell on the same weekend I was hoping to go. So I thought, why not....let's run a half marathon! ;P It has been quite a few years since my last marathon and this half would be a great way to get back into doing some long distance.
Sunset Lighthouse
The drive up to Portland from New York took around six hours. We stopped by Hartford Connecticut along the way for a little stretch and to have lunch at this cute Italian restaurant. The further north we drove, the more firey and vibrant the leaves turned. Around NY at this time, the leaves are still predominantly green. Despite the rain, we still enjoyed seeing the beautiful bursts of orange and crimson red trees lining the highway leading to Maine. New England at this time of the year is truly breath taking!
Portland Observatory

Portland Lobster Company Marina

Portland Street Art

Portland Lobster
Portland Observatory
Portland Maine Observatory

Met my new friend Rumpelstiltskin, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat, at the market
Skyline Sunsets
The next few days (race day included) turned out to be beautiful. Cold, crisp and sunny! We spent some time walking around town, soaking up the fall vibe and checking out the local sites. Aside from the Portland Observatory, the Portland Head Light is definitely worth a visit. It is a historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth and one of the most photographed lighthouses in US, for good reason too. It is stunning, and a photographer's dream ;)
Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

Portland Head Light Table

Head Light House

Crashing Waves
Aside from the picturesque landscapes in Portland, the food is also super yummy! I thought it was just going to be seafood focused, but this town really has a lot more to offer than just mouth-watering lobsters. The Green Elephant is a wonderful vegetarian bistro that exceeded all expectations of vegetarian food. If you like duck then you are going to love Duck Fat. It is a very casual restaurant with a seriously delicious menu of all things duck. We also tried The Holy Donut, made with Maine potatoes. Such a delightful experience!
Portland Lobster Company

On our way back home, we stopped by Applecrest Farm Orchards to pick our own apples and raspberries. I never knew fresh apples tasted this good!!! A truly amazing, fun filled and delicious weekend of sightseeing, food, exercise and great company! Thank you Portland Maine, till next time...xx
Apple Trees in Full Fruit

Fresh New Hampshire Apples

Free Range Chickens in the Coop

Fresh Picked Raspberries

Full Portrait of StyloCharlo

Applecrest Farm Orchards
Thank you so much for reading!


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