Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rosy & Golden Colored Casual Elements

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! Hope you are having an awesome day. My favorite summer weekend gear =  cute tee + destroyed denim shorts + plenty of accessories (hats, sunglasses, jewelry, watch...load 'em on ;P). This past weekend I lived in this rosy pink and ocean blue color combo. I'm absolutely in love with this cheerful color concoction especially after adding in some complementary rosy and golden toned accessories.
JORD SIDNEY SERIES Maple & Rose Gold watch
Top: J.Crew Factory (dress); Denim Shorts: American Eagle (similar); Baseball Cap: J.Crew;  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Earrings: C.Wonder; Watch: C/O JordShoes: J.Crew Factory (also love this)
As many of you know, I love colors and don't generally shy away from them ;) During summer, I naturally tend to gravitate towards cooler color combinations such as blue and white, but this is just too much of a happy top ;) With such a loud top , I kept the accessories relatively minimal. In my opinion, the best summer accessories come in rosy and golden hues, particularly rose gold. It is universally complementary to many skin tones, and it also brings out that beautiful healthy summer glow you have developed.
American Eagle ripped denim shorts

J.Crew monogrammed baseball cap

Perforated sneakers on a rock

J.Crew Factory perforated slip-on sneakers
I recently came across this brand of watches called JORD. These watches are designed in St.Louis, are meticulously crafted in natural wood, and come in many styles for both men and women. I particularly love the natural and earthy look & feel of the design, without having to sacrifice style. This watch is so much lighter than many of my metal based watches, which I find a little cumbersome to wear during hot summer days. The natural wood has that airy and breezy feel I love in summer. You can check out their entire collection here. I personally love this Sidney maple & rose gold one :)
Ray Ban aviator blue mirrored sunglasses

JORD SIDNEY SERIES Maple & Rose Gold watch

J.Crew monogrammed baseball cap

I hope you are enjoying the long summer days and rocking in plenty of cute summer accessories!
Denim Shorts: American Eagle (similar);
Baseball Cap: J.Crew; 
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban;
Earrings: C.Wonder;
Watch: C/O Jord;
Shoes: J.Crew Factory (also love this)

Thank you so much for reading! Wood Watches by JORD


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing :)

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